Our family raises Purebred Holland Lops and Angora Bunnies. We have three children who love to help care for the bunnies.


​Located in Wyoming MN North of the Twin Cities and Forest Lake.

Before contacting me please make sure you are serious about buying a bunny. I am a very busy lady but if you are serious I would love to answer your questions.

Rabbits can be adopted with or without a Pedigree.
Each Pet bunny comes with a Birth Certificate.

Our babies are $100.00- $150.00 currently. Prices subject to change per bunny.

Each bunny comes with a baggie of Transition food.. Mix equal parts of your food.

At 4 weeks I require a 20% deposit on the rabbit of your choosing..
Deposit’s are non-refundable

Deposit is PayPal ..under friends and family
if you choose not to use friends and family you’re responsible for the service fee PayPal charges. I also have Venmo.

Cash or Venmo at time of pickup.

All the rabbits are handled carefully by myself and my children.

The bunnies are avilable for adoption at 8-weeks old when they have weaned from mom.

All of our bunnies have been sweet tempered, however, I cannot guarantee that any rabbit purchased will never bite or scratch. Under no circumstances am I responsible for any damage caused by the rabbit to personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching.

No adoptions to anyone under 18 without parents permission

We cannot hold a bunny longer than one(1) week past pick up date unless other arrangements have been made.

We do not knowingly adopt any sick rabbits, our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave the rabbitry. We are not responsible for the rabbit’s health after it leaves.

We do not allow play dates to see if your rabbit will get a long with the one your adopting.

We are not responsible for any vet costs after the rabbit has been sold.

Sexing rabbits at a young age can be difficult. Sometime we tell the wrong sex by mistake. Please keep that in mind when you purchase a young rabbit. We do check several times and try to be as accurate as possible. But a mistake can happen! No refunds on wrong gender rabbits.

Please bring your own carrier on pick up.

If you want the bunny shipped the shipping cost will be added to the adoption fee.
I will not drive anywhere to meet you.