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Easy Kids Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Craft

This past week my kids and I did a Valentine’s Day craft. My son wanted to buy his Grandma a card; instead, we decided to make one. My daughter decided to make one for daddy :). I went to our local Dollar Tree Store and picked up supplies. The Dollar Tree now has a craft section with some good stuff. I bought these foam hearts that come in a pack of 12 with a variety of colors.

I also bought a variety of pink and red foam hearts, sticker hearts, glue sticks, sparkle kisses, jewels, pom poms, and “I Love You” signs. You could also buy glitter and puff paint, but I didn’t what the mess.

I didn’t direct the kids. I just gave them the supplies and told them to get crafting. I was surprised my 11-year enjoyed this. In the picture below, my daughter is focused intensely on her craft. They spent an hour having fun with this. We had just got back from gymnastics, so my daughter was still in her leotard. She’s so cute.

Below is their final products. On the top is my sons and on the bottom my toddlers. We got this craft table for Christmas this year. I love it because it comes with storage below, and you can flip it to make it into a lego table. It’s also easy to clean. Below the table, I put a waterproof kids mat because we have carpet. You can find both products on Amazon. Check them out in the blinks below.