Part 2 -The Miracle Story Of Our Dogs- A Must Read For Animal Lovers!

This is a video of Autumn's puppies in their whelping box.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series…..

I was 20 minutes into my class when all of a sudden I heard puppy sounds. I shot up and yelled puppies. I’m sure my student thought I was being a weirdo. I ran to see what happened and there were two very healthy puppies looking for mama’s milk. I picked one up and showed my student. I think she was very confused haha. She didn’t speak English so I couldn’t explain anything. During these classes, I would use TPR, props, and slides to teach the students. 

When my husband came home from work he decided to take Autumn to our local vet clinic, to make sure she was ok. I was shocked to get a call from him saying that the vet felt another puppy inside her. This was a surprise because the emergency room vet told us there were only two. The vet tried pulling to puppy out but it was stuck. We made the decision to do a cesarean. We didn’t want to go through this again!!! Unlike the emergency room, this cesarean would only cost a few hundred instead of seven grand. We also decide to get Autumn neutered at the same time. The poor girl had to go through a very long labor, give birth vaginally to three puppies, and then have a cesarean and get neutered :(.

The third puppy was even more of a miracle because the vet didn’t think he would service the cesarean, after all this time. He also said he had never seen anything like this before where the puppies survived. He ended up being the biggest puppy of the litter and that is why he was stuck. These puppies were too big for their mama. She is only 55lbs and we found out the Dad was the neighbors dog who is half mastiff and half black lab. He is roughly 150lbs.  


As the puppies started growing we had the hard decision of deciding which puppy we wanted to keep. We also needed to find good homes for the other two. It was also around this time that we found out we were pregnant with Atarah, our youngest daughter. We actually found out on Christmas we were pregnant but I had felt off for a couple of weeks prior.

As my morning sickness grew I had become more and more anxious to find them homes. If you don’t know puppies can be very stinky. They can’t poo and pee outside so it is a mess!!! We grew fond of the runt and names him Winter because he was born in the winter. The other two we named Milagro and Mary.

We decided to keep Winter and sell Mary and Milagro. We didn’t want to give them away for free because we wanted to make up for the cost we spent on the cesarean and vet visits. Also, people tend to take care of things they invest in verses given to for free.

We wanted to make it very clear in the online listing that they needed a loving family home. But because they are half Pitbull’s this was more difficult than we anticipated. Some people online are seriously crazy. We got a few death threats. We had people messaging us saying that we wanted to sell Pitbulls to fight them and get rich. We also had other bizarre interested customers. One person said they would buy a puppy but only if we could watch it when they go on vacations. Another person offered to trade something for a puppy. Below is a couple of pictures we used for our listing. As you can see these don’t look like fighting dogs haha. 


Both puppies sold to good families. Mary was renamed Pearl and Milagro was renamed Muff. Mary’s family even sent us pictures on their one year birthday. Nine months later when I gave birth to Atarah Winter was full grown. I thought that was funny. Winter is very loving and hyper. He can drive us nuts but we still love him. His mom is happy to have a friend/son to play with. I’m pretty sure they have no idea they are mother and son at this point. Winter also enjoys playing with his dad next door. His dad even taught him to pee correctly, with his leg up. 

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