How I Cut And Color My Pre-Teen Boy’s Hair


I have been asked many times how I do my son Elijah’s hair. He gets positive comments everywhere we go. And he likes the unique look. It’s actually really simple to achieve.

Over the past couple of years, we have experimented with different colors. Once he wanted blue and red hair for the 4th of July. This year he asked for green and red hair for Christmas. He even had purple Fortnite hair.

I’m going to take you through the steps I use to get a great outcome.

My son has very thick hair and it grows like a weed. Because of this, I use permanent hair dye on him. It doesn’t damage his hair and it grows so fast that it isn’t a concern of mine. Also, I shave his head because within a couple of days it’s already grown to the perfect length. You could choose to use a guard instead.


  • Step 1. I buy Elijah’s hair color at Sally Beauty Supply. They sell professional hair dye. It works better than the drug store color and it’s similar in price. They also sell wash out and semi-permanent hair dye if you are more comfortable with this option. Sometimes I make my son buy his supplies with his allowance money because I’m mean like that lol.
  • Step 2.  The dye needs to be mixed with a developer. I have tried using both 20 and 30 developers. I prefer 30 developer. His hair is dark but I do not bleach it before. The developer lifts the color enough. If you are working with black hair you might need to bleach it first. Follow the directions on the package, it’s very simple. I bought this brush and bowl from Sallys.

  • Step 3. When I’m ready to cut Elijah’s hair we go into the kitchen and he sits on a metal chair. In the summer I cut his hair outside. He has a lot of hair!!!! As you can see in the picture it is messy. I want to buy a cover to put over him similar to the ones they use in the salon. You can buy buzz clippers and hair scissors on amazon. It will save you money in the long haul.

  • Step 4. After I have buzzed Elijah’s hair I put in the hair dye and he has to sit for roughly 40 minutes. This is not his favorite part. He washes it out in the shower. Make sure it is thoroughly washed out. Then I dry it.


  • Step 5. I usually have to touch up his hair with the buzzer. I always miss a spot. Also, I make sure that I have sharp lines. He has a cowlick in the back so I cut that off. Isn’t that a weird word “cowlick?” Did a cow lick the back of your head?

  • Step 6. Lately, I trim the hair on top of his head with hair scissors. You can cut dry hair many stylest do but if you rather you can do this while the hair is still wet. This time Elijah did not want me to trim it because he wants it longer. Normally I pull the hair up and trim a straight line across. It always lays nicely when I do this.

I hope this was helpful to some of you. It’s really fun and you get to be creative with your child. Here is the final product.